Ultrasound and bloodwork…

One step closer to getting this big girl a baby sister or brother.

Today’s ultrasound and bloodwork showed we’re right on schedule for our transfer on July 25. There was a slight concern I might need more estrogen in the form of patches, but my estrogen levels were perfect. Phew!

Meet Timon and Pumbaa!

Our two embryos now have nicknames. We’ll be transferring Timon on July 25.

Thank you to everyone for all the amazing ideas! It was difficult to choose, but Chris and I both love The Lion King. We might have to enlist your help for baby names (especially if Timon turns out to be a girl 👀).

Here we go…

First official medicine of this cycle dissolving under my tongue at this very moment.

Meet our embryos!

Embryo 1 and Embryo 2 just don’t have a ring to them! So, we need your help! We want to give our embryos nicknames until they hopefully grow into happy little babies.

We’ve given our previous embryos nicknames, too! But, we didn’t have YOUR creative minds at work!

Our previous embryos were nicknamed: Pratt & Whitney and Briggs & Stratton. I hope it’s evident that Chris named them. We can’t remember our 5th embryo’s nickname or if we even had one. Poor little guy.

Leave your ideas below! If we have too many favorites, we might open it up for some voting. The options are endless, but we are shooting for nicknames rather than baby names. It can be as silly as “marshmallow” or more sentimental like “faith.” The nicknames can coordinate or not at all. Have fun with it!

I may be getting ahead of myself…

But, I want to believe…

And so it begins…

Tomorrow our frozen embryo cycle, or FET, officially begins with a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork!

I can’t believe it’s July already! But, we’re excited to get started!

If you’re interested in learning about the medication I have to take for a FET and few bonus details about our cycle, please watch the video below. I thought I was going to remake this video (because I’m super awkward), so excuse my references to July as if isn’t today. I actually made the video last week. And, this mama doesn’t have time for video editing!

Video update…

Y’all, I’m so excited! We’re getting so close to our transfer cycle!