May Recipes

We tried some pretty basic recipes this month. Jessica heard about Continue reading “May Recipes”

To the Beach We Go

We celebrated our anniversary last weekend by going to the beach! And, we took Continue reading “To the Beach We Go”

Month 24

Today marks 24 months as a waiting family. It also happens to be our Goddaughter’s 1st birthday. Happy Birthday, T! We are looking forward to celebrating her next weekend at her birthday party. Today, we are staying busy around the house which includes a glimpse at our new profile. Profiles are given to expectant parents who have chosen adoption for their child. Imagine choosing a family for your child based on a few pictures and a few pages of words! We are still waiting on Jessica’s background check, but after that, we should quickly be approved. 

Number 9

It’s been 9 years. Or 15. Depends on how you count. What are we talking about?!? Our Continue reading “Number 9”

Season of Celebrations

May seems to be turning into a big month. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations…lot’s in store this month! Continue reading “Season of Celebrations”

April Recipes & Adoption Update

We only managed to get one recipe done last month.  We had hoped we would do more in a month, but with Continue reading “April Recipes & Adoption Update”

Month 23

One room in our home we are really proud of is the playroom. We have tons of toys, books, and games in it. Our cousins love to play dress up and read books when they sleepover. We’re looking forward to having a little one we can play with in here. We have faith that after 23 months of being a waiting family that we are closer to becoming parents.