Dear Expectant Parent

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our hopes and dreams for your child. We are Chris and Jessica, Chris and Jessicaa loving, married couple who reside in the countryside of Virginia with our two dogs and three cats. While we can only imagine the position you are in, we recognize the difficult decision you are facing and the magnitude of that decision. Know that we will provide a home full of love and laughter for your child where you are respected and honored.

We started dating in high school and have been married since 2008. We fell in love with each other’s wit and fun spirits. Several years ago, we decided to start a family but realized we weren’t able to have children without some type of medical intervention. After pursuing some of these treatments, we made the decision to adopt. We had always envisioned adopting a second or third child, but once we experienced infertility, we decided that adoption would be how we would start our family.

Chris is a licensed electrician, and Jessica is currently teaching math and science. She is looking forward to being a stay-at-home mother and passing her love of learning onto a little one. We have always worked well as a team and like many of the same things, including animals, traveling, photography, fishing, and games. While Jessica enjoys baking, reading, genealogy, and crafting, Chris’s hobbies include radio control planes, woodworking, car restoration, gardening, and cooking. We look forward to including a child into our hobbies, from trips to the zoo to playing board games. Jessica would also appreciate a spoon licking, baking buddy, and Chris needs a handy, grease monkey.

From Jessica’s interest in genealogy, we felt it was important to know about a child’s ancestry. After researching adoption and attending classes, we learned a great deal about the benefits of open adoption. We imagine a child would want the same type of information we have about our families, and we want to share that with a child. Equally, an ongoing relationship with you, including letters, pictures, child art, and visits, would be welcomed. We not only want to share milestones with you, but have your child know you.

Both of our families are very excited about our desire to adopt. Our parents will no doubt spoil a little one with love and affection. Our family is not unfamiliar with adoption as several of Jessica’s cousins were adopted, and a few friends who have adopted have graciously shared their experiences. They have all been great resources for us, and we look forward to continuing to learn more about adoption.

Our family is very important to us, and we love spending time with them. Playing with our younger cousins is always the highlight of our family get-togethers. We also enjoy babysitting and planning special days for them. Chris is very patient with our younger cousins and likes having them as little helpers around the house. Jessica is always eager to have a baking or craft project ready. We usually squeeze in at least one type of game, whether it’s bowling, Candy Land, Wahoo, or corn hole. We are excited to continue many of these activities and traditions with our child. During our visits, there is no shortage of silly moments, especially with the little ones. Humor is an essential part of our family and marriage. It helps us to see the lighter side of things even in the most difficult times.

Life will always have its bumps in the road, but we can’t wait to experience this journey with you and have you as part of our team. We invite you to look at our profile and website to learn more about us. Feel free to contact our social worker, Alicia Bugauisan, toll-free 800-690-4206 or our adoption lawyer, Colleen Quinn, at (804) 285-6253 or contact us directly at or (361) 236-7812. Thank you again for giving us the chance to introduce ourselves. We look forward to meeting you.

With our love,


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