How to Help

First, let us thank you for you for following our journey, sharing our story and desire to adopt, and praying for us. Every act of kindness shown to us has made this journey all worthwhile. Thank you!

Sharing Our Desire to Adopt: We have been told repeatedly that the key to adoption in today’s world is word of mouth. We’ve lost count of how many stories of an adoption that occurred through a connection of friend of a friend of a friend. We’d love for you to share our story whenever and wherever you feel comfortable. You may not know anyone considering placing their child, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Also, if you tell a friend who tells a coworker who tells a pastor who knows an expectant mother who wants to place her child. Voila! We may have our match. So, share our story, our website, our profile, or our Facebook page. We also have cards to share our desire to adopt and website. If you would like a few and ideas of where to share them, email us

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