Our Family

We have a large, extended family happy to welcome another family member!

Grandparents: We have two sets of eager grandparents waiting for a little one to spoil and love. There are also 7 Great Grandparents, most who haven’t experienced a great grandchild yet. We have a lot of creative grandparents. From a quilter to woodworker to arts & crafters, we know a grandchild will have no shortage of opportunities to try new things.

Our Parents Future Grandparents
Our Parents
Future Grandparents

Aunts & Uncles: Chris has one brother, Eric. We were so excited to welcome his bride, Morgan, into our family last year. There is no shortage of Great Uncles and Aunts, most of whom live in Virginia.

On Eric and Morgan's Wedding Day
On Eric and Morgan’s Wedding Day

Cousins: We have tons of first and second cousins who we see as often as possible. They either have children of their own or love playing with the smaller ones just as much as we do. We can’t wait to see them have another family member AND playmate.

Friends: While our friends may not technically be part of our family, they are a very important part of our lives. Many of them will be honored with the titles of Aunt and Uncle and won’t hesitate to support our little family.

Our Furry Family: We have some furry family members that could not be overlooked. We have two dogs and three cats. They’ve been vetted by our little cousins who have tested them time and time again. Our pets have taken it all in stride. They are truly part of our family, and we can’t imagine our home without them.

pet collage with names

Photo Credits:

~Wedding photography by Robbie McMillan Photography.

~Photography of Ellie by Sarah Elizabeth Photography.

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