We survived…

We survived Emma’s TWO birthday parties, baptism, and her actual birthday last month. I’m still not ready to say Continue reading “We survived…”

Not My Baby…

Emma’s first birthday is next week. Next. Week. It’s definitely bittersweet not just because my baby will no longer be a baby, but because we will not Continue reading “Not My Baby…”

Are you going to adopt again? (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, click here and then come back over to read Part 2. Otherwise, you might be a little lost.

As I mentioned in my last post, we have a lot of options to become parents, including: Continue reading “Are you going to adopt again? (Part 2)”

Are you going to adopt again? (Part 1)

Oh boy! All those questions people ask when you have a baby. You’ve just had one, and they are asking if you’ll have another. I’m actually surprised how much we get this particular question, because we waited so long for our first. No joke; a nurse in the NICU Continue reading “Are you going to adopt again? (Part 1)”

Meeting Emma…

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!

Emma is 9 1/2 months old, and I‘ll be taking the next 10 days to share her growth through the months.

Emma was born January 15 weighing 5 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 18 1/4 inches. We met her on January 20 (32 months to the day after being approved to adopt). This is our first photo as a family of 3. I remember being exhausted but so excited to meet our little girl. The NICU nurses were so kind to us and took so much time with us. They became our surrogate family in many ways. It was crazy to live out of a hotel in a different state for 3 weeks and to spend almost every day at a hospital. Emma wouldn’t come home until February 8. She’s a happy, healthy baby, so it was worth it.

We were (and still are) so appreciative of Emma’s birth parents. They chose us to parent Emma. They gave us the best gift in the world, and they will always be part of our family. We talk about them often. Even though Emma is too young to understand, there will never be a time she doesn’t know her story.


So many posts…

I have a backlog of posts. On WordPress. On my phone. In my head. And you may have noticed there are no photos of Emma’s face here. It’s beautiful. I promise. It all comes to an end, because Continue reading “So many posts…”

I hid you on Facebook and I’m not sorry…

You want names?

Just in case there are any new readers, Continue reading “I hid you on Facebook and I’m not sorry…”


Emma has hiccups every now and again. She used to have them really bad when we first got home, but now, they are random and inconsistently appear in our lives. When I hear I hiccup, it startles me. It breaks up whatever I am doing, and I focus in on my little girl. Sometimes life’s hiccups make us do the same thing. Continue reading “Hiccups…”

Will you tell her she’s adopted?

When we shared that we had been chosen to parent our daughter, we were asked all the typical baby questions during subsequent visits with friends and families. Weight. Height. Eye color. Sleep schedule. And many of the comments and advice about feeding, sleeping, napping, diapering, etc. I kind of forgot we were adopting. I know that may seem odd. I obviously didn’t Continue reading “Will you tell her she’s adopted?”

We’re Outdoorsy (Apparently)

As I was organizing paperwork in my office today, I stumbled across our adoptive family profile for American Adoptions. I had created at least 2 before in addition to this website and Facebook page (not to mention the video profile!). At the time it was created, I pretty much didn’t want to see or hear about a profile ever again. They’re tons of work and surprisingly, emotional. But, I’ve been trying to find this particular profile for awhile. Why? Well, that’s both simple and complicated.

Continue reading “We’re Outdoorsy (Apparently)”