To the Beach We Go

We celebrated our anniversary last weekend by going to the beach! And, we took Continue reading “To the Beach We Go”

Number 9

It’s been 9 years. Or 15. Depends on how you count. What are we talking about?!? Our Continue reading “Number 9”

One Year Waiting

We’ve had an eventful week. We celebrated 8 years of marriage on May 17. Friday marked one year as a waiting family. And our God daughter was born the same day! We visited her and her parents (our cousins) yesterday. She is precious, and we are honored to be part of her life. We hope she will have a cousin to play with soon. If you or someone you know decides to place a child for adoption, please keep us in mind. We are looking forward to being a mama and daddy and share our love, time, and energy with a child. 
We can be reached directly by email or phone (361) 236-7812. 
Our adoption social worker, Alicia Bugauisan, can be reached by calling (800) 690-4206 and our adoption lawyer, Colleen Quinn, can be reached by phone (804) 285-6253.


Planes, Love, and Surprises

It’s been pretty crazy in our household lately. And when we say crazy, we mean awesome!

Last week, Chris heard about Continue reading “Planes, Love, and Surprises”