Mother’s Day…

Well, I spent Mother’s Day as sick as a dog while doing my best to care for Emma since Chris worked. I may have bribed her with cookies and cartoons. But, a mama has got to do what a mama has got to do. Hey, we both survived!

My mind has been mostly on Emma’s birth mother today. She made me a mother, and I’m so grateful for her. Emma brightens our days even if we are sick and just want a n-a-p. I’m so honored to be her mother, and her first mama will always be honored in our home.

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Seeing Adoption

I’ve started watching Long Lost Family on TLC. If you haven’t caught it, each episode follows two people searching for their birth families or adopted children. As a hopeful adoptive mama, you might not think I would enjoy it, but you’d be wrong. 🙂 Continue reading “Seeing Adoption”