Enjoying the Simply Things

Sometimes…you just need to kick back in the country, enjoy time with friends, have a huge bonfire, and roast marshmallows on ginormous roasting sticks. Happy Birthday, Leah W!

We enjoyed celebrating with you last weekend and hope you have a wonderful 30th birthday!


Birthday Wishes

Exactly one week after Jessica’s Dad’s birthday, Chris has his, but we Continue reading “Birthday Wishes”


We celebrated Jessica’s Dad’s birthday last weekend. It was a little early since yesterday was his actual birthday, but it’s when we could all get together. We like to Continue reading “Celebrate!”

Thankful for Fun, Food, and Family

We started off our holidays last week by cooking and packing on Wednesday. Chris tried making rolls-Parker house rolls. Despite Jessica’s skepticism, they turned out great! We like love bread. We also picked up Jessica’s Aunt Debbie and Uncle Robert from the airport. They flew in from Florida, and it was nice to see them. This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Jessica’s family. Not everyone was able to make it, but it was good to see those we could. Continue reading “Thankful for Fun, Food, and Family”