Green is Yummy!

This is now my third year growing a garden. It’s something I never really thought about doing. Most of my coworkers Continue reading “Green is Yummy!”

Staying Busy

This year is flying by…in fact it already feels like summer! Literally…we’ve had a few days already in the 80s! Continue reading “Staying Busy”

Day 46: My Person

My Person. This makes us think of Meredith and Christina on Grey’s Anatomy. We’d pick each other! 🙂 Everyone needs that one person who will let you know you are talking crazy, who you can let loose with and know you won’t be judged, who will push you to be the best version of yourself. We spent our 14th Valentine’s Day together yesterday. It was one of the best we ever had just hanging out together. We are looking forward to many more. 

Planes, Love, and Surprises

It’s been pretty crazy in our household lately. And when we say crazy, we mean awesome!

Last week, Chris heard about Continue reading “Planes, Love, and Surprises”


It’s no secret that we love snow in our household. We’re big kids at heart, and there’s nothing like a snow day to bring that out. Continue reading “Snooooooooow!”

Keep Calm

We’ve been busy busy busy. Did we mention we’ve been busy? 😉 A couple weeks ago we finally decided on the adoption agency we wanted to help guide us through the adoption process and possibly link us with an expectant mother. So, that’s when our “fun” really began. Continue reading “Keep Calm”