Forever and a Day

Waiting to have a child when it’s what you long for is beyond one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. Sure, we stayed positive mostly. We stayed busy with work, school, social events, family outings, etc. But, we were always longing to have a child in our arms, not just our dreams. It felt like Continue reading “Forever and a Day”

Season of Celebrations

May seems to be turning into a big month. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations…lot’s in store this month! Continue reading “Season of Celebrations”

Month 22

Two of our “little” cousins came over for the weekend. We love when they visit! They love playing as many games we can fit into our time together. This visit we played Racko, Batman, Life, Wahoo, Clue, and Watch Ya’ Mouth. We also played Scoop Ball and Frisbee outside. We can’t believe we played all those! It was tons of fun (even Life). Jessica usually has at least one project or activity available. This time she had the recipe for Ooze, and E was all about making it. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. K joined in once he realized it came off your hands easily. We enjoy all the fun we have with family and are looking forward to the next family get together. E tends to ask a lot about the baby. She can’t wait for a baby to join our family. K, being a boy, seems less interested. Haha!   Jess loved hearing their “little” footsteps in the morning, and she imagined hearing our children’s “quietly” stomping around the house. We know no matter how many months we wait to be parents it will be worth it. Feel free to share. 

January Snapshot

Ah, January…in Virginia…it can be a strange thing. We had snow and days near 70 degrees in one week. Maybe it’s not all that Continue reading “January Snapshot”

‘Tis the Season

We blinked and the holiday season was nearly over…it went by so fast! But, we have been staying very busy. Jessica’s Continue reading “‘Tis the Season”

Month 19

Today marks our 19th month as an adoptive waiting family. While we are still waiting to be chosen to parent a child, we are still excited and planning for the day our child comes home. And what bigger way to show that than finally purchasing a crib? While we have been calling the nursery a “nursery” for some time, it didn’t feel 100% like one until now. We are still adding finishing touches, but the crib makes it feel more real. Ellie, our resident baby equipment tester, decided to snag the lime light tonight.

Little One, we can’t wait to become your parents, to read you bed time stories, to dry your tears, to tickle your tummy, and to be there whenever you need us.

Thank you for sharing our story. Sharing increases our chances of connecting with expectant parents and becoming parents ourselves.



Family for Days

The holiday season is always busy for us, so we’ve been neglecting on updating y’all on all we’ve been up to! We dove head first into Continue reading “Family for Days”

Month 18

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little early this year with Continue reading “Month 18”

The Way to Our Hearts

Food is most definitely the way to our hearts.  Continue reading “The Way to Our Hearts”

Trips for Days

We’ve been making a lot of day trips in the last couple years instead of big vacations. Last weekend, we made a trip to meet Continue reading “Trips for Days”