What does a home study update look like?

A home study update is sort of an abstract idea if you are not familiar with adoption and the home study process. So, our initial home study was 100% soup to nuts Continue reading “What does a home study update look like?”

Adoption March Madness

It’s March already, y’all! As if you didn’t know that! This year is flying by, and we haven’t had a lot of time to update. While we haven’t had a shortage of fun things to share, even we have to do mundane things like taking our pets to the vet, running errands, going to appointments, etc. Don’t even get us started on being sick! But, we’re back to update y’all on a few things. Continue reading “Adoption March Madness”

Updating our Home Study

It’s crazy to think it’s been a year since we completed our background checks for our home study. But, it has! We emailed our sweet social worker, Alicia, Continue reading “Updating our Home Study”

Seasons of Adoption {Fall}

In the adoption process…after your home study is done and your profile is submitted, you welcome a small window of time to relax and catch your breath. A home study and compiling your whole life into Continue reading “Seasons of Adoption {Fall}”

Preparing for Maybe Baby

You’re approved to adopt a little baby. All the paperwork is done. Your background checks are clear. Your home is deemed safe for a child. What you do now? Go to Babies R Us, of course!

Jessica was ecstatic to finally explore a Babies R Us.
Jessica was ecstatic to finally explore a Babies R Us.
Continue reading “Preparing for Maybe Baby”

Seasons of Adoption {Spring}

Spring is here, y’all! Well, it’s been here, but last week, we really noticed all the blooms and green leaves. Virginia has pretty crazy weather. Where else can you have 80 degree days and snow in the same week? Seriously! We can remember it snowing on Continue reading “Seasons of Adoption {Spring}”

In the Home Stretch

We are winding down our home study, but we are going out with a bang. This week alone includes two adoption classes and our final meeting with our social worker not to mention another fingerprinting experience for Jessica.  Continue reading “In the Home Stretch”

Home Studies Aren’t (Completely) About Your Home

We are in the midst of our home study. Despite its name, it’s mostly about us not our home. It should probably be called a character study. While we have filled out most of the paperwork, we still have a few things to check off the list. But, let’s answer some few basic questions.  Continue reading “Home Studies Aren’t (Completely) About Your Home”

Keep Calm

We’ve been busy busy busy. Did we mention we’ve been busy? 😉 A couple weeks ago we finally decided on the adoption agency we wanted to help guide us through the adoption process and possibly link us with an expectant mother. So, that’s when our “fun” really began. Continue reading “Keep Calm”