Month 26

Preparing for Baby B is an interesting process. We recently discussed our wait and journey up to this point. We have always wanted to be parents. About 6 years ago, we decided to start a family. As many of you know, parenthood did not come easily to us and is still something we hope for. BUT, early on, you are focused on the baby stage. The onesies. The little toes. The diapers. So many diapers. All the many firsts. As time goes on and especially with adoption, you start to think about every stage of your child’s life. We let ourselves daydream about first days of school, camp, family trips, sport teams, family dinners, driver’s licenses, graduations, weddings, and everything in between (and beyond). So, when we saw this school sign for $5 at Michaels, we bought it. Cute first day of school pictures. Check.