Day 60: I wish…

I wish…
We can’t believe we’ve been sharing little parts of our life for the last 60 days. Many of the topics started conversations between the two of us. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. We’ll continue to update y’all and post roughly once a week until we have a bundle of joy. Which brings us to our wish! We wish to have a little one (or two) to love on and raise into happy and healthy little humans. Everyday brings us closer to being matched. 


Day 59: Favorite Drink

Favorite Drink. So, there’s no doubt Jess’s favorite drink is Barq’s. Most days it’s like a treat at the end of the day. For Chris, he has always been a Pepsi fan.

Day 57: Nicknames

Nicknames. We both technically go by nicknames. Chris for Christopher. Jess or Jessie for Jessica. Some people at work also call Chris “Goober.” People ask us a lot about baby names. With adoption, birth parents may want a choice in naming a child, and we totally respect that. We do have a few names we’ve considered over the years, and we really like formal names with nicknames we could use on a day-to-day basis. 

Day 57: Dealbreaker

Dealbreaker. Chris can’t stand when people hurt animals. There’s really no excuse. I agree, of course. We also dislike liars. We much prefer the hard truth than being tricked. I’m sure most people would agree with us, but what are some of your deal breakers? ~Jess 

Day 56: Real Life

Real Life. When you say we’ll take lots of pictures and totally forget until you’ve left. We enjoyed hanging out with friends and family tonight to support The Race to Parenthood. Can’t wait to see y’all again! 


Day 55: Favorite Dessert

Favorite Dessert. We both surprised each other with our answers. Maybe because we love our sweets and there are so many choices! 😉 Jessica’s favorite dessert is chocolate chess pie. None of her family knew what it was until she introduced it to them. It’s essentially chocolate pie (the only pie she really likes). Chris loves pumpkin pie. It always reminds him of the holidays with family. 

Day 54: What I’d Rescue in a Fire

What I’d Rescue in a Fire. We’d rescue our pets or as Chris says “all living beings.” 😂 Everything else is just stuff!

Day 53: My Super Hero Power I would choose…

My Super Hero Power I would choose…We both picked flight. I used to dream about flying like Peter Pan a lot as a kid. Chris also thought reading people’s minds would be nice. That would come in handy sometimes, but I think that would need an off switch. ~Jess

Day 52: #1 on My Bucket List

#1 on my Bucket List. We both want to visit all 50 states in our lifetime. While Chris has been to 13 states, Jess has been to 17. We would like to go across country one day. We have gone on many trips that have taken us from Florida to Maine. 


Day 51: We Admire…

We admire…our parents. ❤️❤️❤️
Chris – They worked hard to provide Eric and I with a good life. 
Jess – I admire my parents for having strong work ethics and instilling them in me.