Day 50: When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up. Chris always had dreams of being a pilot. He would love to get his pilot’s license one day. He lives vicariously through his RC planes for the time being. 😋 Jess would love to have her own business. In what? She hasn’t decided yet. She’d like it to be something we could work on together.

Day 49: Quirks

Quirks. So, we’re sure our family and friends would agree we have a lot of quirks. Who doesn’t! 🙂 As we were chatting about our various quirks, we decided the bed sheets was one that we have in common. While Chris likes the sheets tucked in, Jess likes to cocoon herself in blankets. We obviously had to compromise, but Chris has to regularly reposition the sheets and comforter. Jess also has to have a certain amount of space between the headboard and her pillow. They can’t be touching at all. What’s one of your quirks? (Chris fell asleep as I was posting this. He’s been under the weather this week. He is feeling so much better, but he still needs to catch up on his beauty sleep!) 

Day 48: Favorite Pet

Favorite Pet. I say we can’t pick one, but Chris totally picked Oreo as his favorite. We love all 5 of our furry family members. They all have their own personality, and they get along (most days). I won’t say Ellie is my favorite, but she’s my pal hands down. Oreo is definitely attached to Chris. The cats used to want for a lot of attention, but as they’ve gotten older, they are much more interested in being loners. Digit is still playful. We’re not sure she will ever outgrow it. She typically only wants to play at 2AM. Baby is the hunter, but when she comes inside, she likes to sit on Chris’s chest while he pets her. Joe is such a sweet thing. He’s huge and muscular but wouldn’t hurt a fly. He loves to sun himself, roll in the dirt, and butt heads with people he likes. Inside, you can usually find him curled up in the corner of a room. Pets provide so much love, and we have a lot of them! ~Jess 

Day 47: Favorite TV Show

Favorite TV Show. There’s some really good ones, but we can mutually agree that The Big Bang Theory is pretty awesome. No other show makes us laugh like it does. 

Day 46: My Person

My Person. This makes us think of Meredith and Christina on Grey’s Anatomy. We’d pick each other! 🙂 Everyone needs that one person who will let you know you are talking crazy, who you can let loose with and know you won’t be judged, who will push you to be the best version of yourself. We spent our 14th Valentine’s Day together yesterday. It was one of the best we ever had just hanging out together. We are looking forward to many more. 

Day 45: Your Kitchen

Your Kitchen. We love a lot of things about our kitchen. The layout really works for us. It’s a U-shape with extra room on the side which works out for get togethers. The cabinets are a little wonky. We have dreams of upgrading them or at the very least restaining them a darker color. The granite is so pretty! We would have never picked it out ourselves, but since it came with the house, we’ve fallen in love with it. 

Day 44: I want to visit…

I want to visit…
  Jess – New York City! There are so many historical sites, museums, and shows. We’ll never be able to see it all. My top two things I want to see in NYC is a Broadway show and visit Ellis Island where my Great Grandfather went through as an immigrant. 
Chris – Scotland. It’s such a pretty country. I think it would be relaxing. We went to England in 2006 and couldn’t get past how beautiful and green the countryside was. 

Day 43: Introvert/Extrovert?

Chris doesn’t see himself as a true extrovert, but he is an many ways. He can get along with almost anyone and enjoys meeting new people. Chris is completely confident in “flying by the seat of his pants” and isn’t much for directions. Directions smirections 😉 Jess is an introvert. She is very thoughtful when making decisions and likes to plan out details. Jess enjoys being with friends and family in small settings where she can be herself. She often describes herself as shy until you get to know her. 

We cracked up so much taking this photo. We weren’t sure what the best way to show introvert/extrovert. Chris went for the nice guy smile and Jess went for pondering. 😋 


Day 42: Favorite Author

Favorite Author. 
Chris – Michael Chrichton. I enjoy his style of writing. All of his books were easy reads. 
Jessica – Agatha Christie. My mom had many of Agatha Christie’s books and turned me onto them as soon as I was old enough to read them. I love mysteries, so it was definitely a good fit.


Day 41: Hardest Thing I’ve Done

Hardest Thing I’ve Done. We agreed that facing infertility and pursuing fertility treatments were the hardest things we’ve done. It’s emotionally taxing for both of us and physically taxing for Jess. We put ourselves through repeated tests and treatments and while it didn’t yield what we most desired, we know we came out stronger.