Music Monday #2 {Jess}

I can’t believe a month has passed already! I’ll let you know a secret though…I already knew which song I would pick for this month.Read More »

Music Monday #1 {Jess}

Hi, y’all! Just Jessica today! I’ve been hoping to share posts with you about something that I love: music. I’m not necessarily musically inclined, but I love to connect with lyrics and rhythm. During our infertility journey, music was very comforting. I browsed youtube for hours finding songs that captured my emotions, hopes, and fears. It’s interesting when the same song Read More »

Hurry Up and Wait

During infertility, there is this phenomena that happens with waiting, especially when seeking treatment. You go to all the doctors appointments, have all the blood work, and have any necessary procedures done. You are very excited/nervous during this whole process, but you are super focused on hearing good numbers for a successful procedure. Then, the treatment is done, and you’re left to wait. Waiting to see if you’ll be a Mommy and Daddy. We call this the “hurry up and wait” feeling. You can’t wait for X to happen, but you have to wait to see if it’ll all work out. With adoption, it’s not all that different.

hurry up and wait

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Seeing Signs

People from all walks of life look for signs. Is this the right guy for me? Should I take the job? With infertility, we tend to look for signs a lot. If a cycle starts on or near so-and-so’s birthday, it’s meant to be. If a estimated delivery date is around an anniversary, it’s meant to be. During our infertility journey, most of these signs we’re let downs, and they left a lot of possibilities unseen. Despite all of that, we still have hope, and we still see signs. Read More »

5 Reasons We’re NOT “Just Adopting”

Bet you had to read the title twice, right? First, we still plan to adopt. Second, we’re not “just adopting.” It’s a phrase that tends to be tossed around when couples find out they’re infertile. The connotation is that adoption is easy. We’d argue it’s not, and we’re just in the beginning stages.

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Dear Family & Friends

This post is largely made up of a letter we sent to extended family members and friends to share our desire to adopt. The outpouring of love we received was phenomenal.

We want to share a part of our lives we have kept relatively private for the last couple of years. Despite desperately wanting and trying to start a family, we have been unsuccessful. After testing, we were officially diagnosed with infertility. We decided to pursue fertility treatments but without success.

You may be asking yourself why we kept our infertility a secret. To be honest, we truly believed the next month or with the next treatment we would be expecting. We wanted to surprise everyone and share our excitement with you instead of the pain of infertility. Unfortunately, that day never arrived.Read More »