The box (part two)…

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Putting the baby before the bump…

I may be alone in this. I’m not sure. When we started trying to have a family, I always imagined Continue reading “Putting the baby before the bump…”

Are you going to adopt again? (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, click here and then come back over to read Part 2. Otherwise, you might be a little lost.

As I mentioned in my last post, we have a lot of options to become parents, including: Continue reading “Are you going to adopt again? (Part 2)”

Are you going to adopt again? (Part 1)

Oh boy! All those questions people ask when you have a baby. You’ve just had one, and they are asking if you’ll have another. I’m actually surprised how much we get this particular question, because we waited so long for our first. No joke; a nurse in the NICU Continue reading “Are you going to adopt again? (Part 1)”

I hid you on Facebook and I’m not sorry…

You want names?

Just in case there are any new readers, Continue reading “I hid you on Facebook and I’m not sorry…”

6 Lessons Infertility Taught Us

Infertility is a very cruel problem to have. Yup, it stinks to know what seems like a natural process for “everyone else” isn’t for us. But in some ways, it’s been a blessing. Infertility is a twisted way to learn things about yourself, but we know we are better off for it.

Here are 7 lessons infertility has taught us about ourselves and life: Continue reading “6 Lessons Infertility Taught Us”

Music Monday #2 {Jess}

I can’t believe a month has passed already! I’ll let you know a secret though…I already knew which song I would pick for this month. Continue reading “Music Monday #2 {Jess}”