What does a home study update look like?

A home study update is sort of an abstract idea if you are not familiar with adoption and the home study process. So, our initial home study was 100% soup to nuts Continue reading “What does a home study update look like?”

What’s Private about “Private Adoption”?

We know there are a lot of questions about adoption, and we wanted to share the information we’ve learned. We’re tagging these posts as “Information Series” in hopes it will be easier for everyone to find. Let us know what questions you have about adoption. Others may have the same questions.

Just when we thought we had the adoption lingo down, we found a new one: private adoption. Sure, we’ve heard the phrase, but it’s not used by Virginia adoption advocates very often. We hear the phrase mostly by friends, family, and out-of-state sources, but what does it really mean? Continue reading “What’s Private about “Private Adoption”?”