Day 28: Favorite Artist/Musician

Favorite Artist/Musician. Chris is a huge Garth Brooks fan, and I love me some Adele (although choosing a single favorite is sooo hard). Despite our answers, we actually like a lot of the same music. Chris can rock pretty hard to Adele. I’m just saying. ~Jess

Music Monday #5 {Jess}

I was going to share another song when I heard this new song last week. It was written by Continue reading “Music Monday #5 {Jess}”

Music Monday #4 {Jess}

I’m going to seem like hugest Twilight fan with a second song from the series, but it seriously has some amazing music (as does Continue reading “Music Monday #4 {Jess}”

Music Monday #3 {Jess}

Hey, y’all! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but I couldn’t miss Music Monday. We’ve been getting a few questions about adoption updates. Continue reading “Music Monday #3 {Jess}”

Music Monday #2 {Jess}

I can’t believe a month has passed already! I’ll let you know a secret though…I already knew which song I would pick for this month. Continue reading “Music Monday #2 {Jess}”

Music Monday #1 {Jess}

Hi, y’all! Just Jessica today! I’ve been hoping to share posts with you about something that I love: music. I’m not necessarily musically inclined, but I love to connect with lyrics and rhythm. During our infertility journey, music was very comforting. I browsed youtube for hours finding songs that captured my emotions, hopes, and fears. It’s interesting when the same song Continue reading “Music Monday #1 {Jess}”