If We Build It, Baby Will Come…

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21 months

Waiting for Baby B to fill this rocking chair Jessica’s grandpa made her for her first birthday.

Month 19

Today marks our 19th month as an adoptive waiting family. While we are still waiting to be chosen to parent a child, we are still excited and planning for the day our child comes home. And what bigger way to show that than finally purchasing a crib? While we have been calling the nursery a “nursery” for some time, it didn’t feel 100% like one until now. We are still adding finishing touches, but the crib makes it feel more real. Ellie, our resident baby equipment tester, decided to snag the lime light tonight.

Little One, we can’t wait to become your parents, to read you bed time stories, to dry your tears, to tickle your tummy, and to be there whenever you need us.

Thank you for sharing our story. Sharing increases our chances of connecting with expectant parents and becoming parents ourselves.



Month 17

It can be hard to be patient, but our friends and family keep us grounded. We are enjoying the simple things about being a family of 2. Day trips. Lazy days around the house. Cooking for 2. But even so, we always have a little one in mind. We picked up this decorative mobile on one of our day trips last week. It’s perfect for our ocean/beach themed nursery.
As always, we appreciate everyone for sharing our story and desire to adopt. Please keep us in mind if you or someone you know decides to place a child for adoption.


Preparing for Maybe Baby

You’re approved to adopt a little baby. All the paperwork is done. Your background checks are clear. Your home is deemed safe for a child. What you do now? Go to Babies R Us, of course!

Jessica was ecstatic to finally explore a Babies R Us.
Jessica was ecstatic to finally explore a Babies R Us.
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Home Studies Aren’t (Completely) About Your Home

We are in the midst of our home study. Despite its name, it’s mostly about us not our home. It should probably be called a character study. While we have filled out most of the paperwork, we still have a few things to check off the list. But, let’s answer some few basic questions.  Continue reading “Home Studies Aren’t (Completely) About Your Home”

Waiting for You

Dear Little One,

We’ve been waiting for you. Looking back, the time seems to have flown by, but in the moment it creeps by. It can be hard at times. We imagine what you might look like, sound like, be like… Continue reading “Waiting for You”