‘Tis the Season

We blinked and the holiday season was nearly over…it went by so fast! But, we have been staying very busy. Jessica’s Continue reading “‘Tis the Season”

Puppy Love

Oh boy, we have another furry family member. Chris’s parents rescued another Continue reading “Puppy Love”

(Over) Fill Your Plate (With Love)

So, what do you do when you get back from a 7 day trip with almost half of your extended family? Have two of your little cousins sleep over before they go back to school, of course!

If you thought our Tennessee trip Continue reading “(Over) Fill Your Plate (With Love)”

Most. Beautiful. Scenery. Ever.

We’re exhausted! And you would be too if you haven’t had much rest after 7 days on a vacation with 15 members of your extended family. It’s cliche, but we need Continue reading “Most. Beautiful. Scenery. Ever.”

The Winding Road

Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, you break a nail. We are not being melodramatic. Promise. But it wasn’t Continue reading “The Winding Road”

Day 54: What I’d Rescue in a Fire

What I’d Rescue in a Fire. We’d rescue our pets or as Chris says “all living beings.” 😂 Everything else is just stuff!

Day 48: Favorite Pet

Favorite Pet. I say we can’t pick one, but Chris totally picked Oreo as his favorite. We love all 5 of our furry family members. They all have their own personality, and they get along (most days). I won’t say Ellie is my favorite, but she’s my pal hands down. Oreo is definitely attached to Chris. The cats used to want for a lot of attention, but as they’ve gotten older, they are much more interested in being loners. Digit is still playful. We’re not sure she will ever outgrow it. She typically only wants to play at 2AM. Baby is the hunter, but when she comes inside, she likes to sit on Chris’s chest while he pets her. Joe is such a sweet thing. He’s huge and muscular but wouldn’t hurt a fly. He loves to sun himself, roll in the dirt, and butt heads with people he likes. Inside, you can usually find him curled up in the corner of a room. Pets provide so much love, and we have a lot of them! ~Jess 

The Whisker Interviews {Baby}

Meow…I’m Baby. Not to be confused with a baby. I’m a cat, not a human. Mama named me Baby since Continue reading “The Whisker Interviews {Baby}”

The Whisker Interviews {Digit}

Meow! Meoooooow! I’m Digit! Mama and Daddy asked me to share a little about myself. That shouldn’t be too hard since I love to talk. I’m the youngest of us feline bunch. I’m still a kitten at heart even if I’m 4 years old. If we had family superlatives, I’d get most Continue reading “The Whisker Interviews {Digit}”

The Whisker Interviews {Oreo}

Hey, hey, hey! My name is Oreo. You want to play? I want to play. Have you seen my toy? About the length of my tail and looks like a lamb. I love my toy! Goes by the name toy or puppy. Continue reading “The Whisker Interviews {Oreo}”