Adoption Paths to Parenthood

One of the most popular questions we have been asked is about the different types of adoption, specifically international and foster care. We are so glad to hear that so many of our loved ones are aware that there is more than one adoption route and supportive of our choice to adopt. We also appreciate those of you have reached out to us and shared how adoption has played a role in your family. It’s been encouraging to hear!  Continue reading “Adoption Paths to Parenthood”

What’s Private about “Private Adoption”?

We know there are a lot of questions about adoption, and we wanted to share the information we’ve learned. We’re tagging these posts as “Information Series” in hopes it will be easier for everyone to find. Let us know what questions you have about adoption. Others may have the same questions.

Just when we thought we had the adoption lingo down, we found a new one: private adoption. Sure, we’ve heard the phrase, but it’s not used by Virginia adoption advocates very often. We hear the phrase mostly by friends, family, and out-of-state sources, but what does it really mean? Continue reading “What’s Private about “Private Adoption”?”