Animals Up Close and Personal

We made the drive up to the Virginia Safari Park at Natural Bridge and had the best time. We met up with our friends, Melissa and Jason, who adopted last year. Actually, we planned to go on this daytrip Continue reading “Animals Up Close and Personal”

Day Trip: D.C.

We did something unusual this Easter. We usually spend Easter with family, but this year we decided to go see the cherry blossoms in D.C. which were in peak bloom. It was the first time we saw them, and it was our first day trip to D.C. It was a lot of fun, and there were a few surprises. Continue reading “Day Trip: D.C.”

Day 52: #1 on My Bucket List

#1 on my Bucket List. We both want to visit all 50 states in our lifetime. While Chris has been to 13 states, Jess has been to 17. We would like to go across country one day. We have gone on many trips that have taken us from Florida to Maine. 


Day 44: I want to visit…

I want to visit…
  Jess – New York City! There are so many historical sites, museums, and shows. We’ll never be able to see it all. My top two things I want to see in NYC is a Broadway show and visit Ellis Island where my Great Grandfather went through as an immigrant. 
Chris – Scotland. It’s such a pretty country. I think it would be relaxing. We went to England in 2006 and couldn’t get past how beautiful and green the countryside was.