As the days pass, my hopefulness is coming back and dominating my emotions. This is typical. At least for me. It’s more a pattern at this point. One I haven’t Continue reading “Hopefulness…”

Month 27

An adoption go bag is starting to take shape. We found our big ol’ suitcase and started putting in a few goodies. We’ll have some basics packed in the next week or so and a packing list just in case we have to GO with short notice. Jessica is a planner, and lets be honest, if you’re told you need to leave within 24 hours to meet your baby, your minds going to be gobbledygook. What do you think we should pack for a week or two in another state with a newborn? No match yet. Just trying to be prepared! 

Month 26

Preparing for Baby B is an interesting process. We recently discussed our wait and journey up to this point. We have always wanted to be parents. About 6 years ago, we decided to start a family. As many of you know, parenthood did not come easily to us and is still something we hope for. BUT, early on, you are focused on the baby stage. The onesies. The little toes. The diapers. So many diapers. All the many firsts. As time goes on and especially with adoption, you start to think about every stage of your child’s life. We let ourselves daydream about first days of school, camp, family trips, sport teams, family dinners, driver’s licenses, graduations, weddings, and everything in between (and beyond). So, when we saw this school sign for $5 at Michaels, we bought it. Cute first day of school pictures. Check. 

Month 25

Piece by piece, we are adding to the nursery. Can’t wait to match with an expectant family or get the “call.”

Month 24

Today marks 24 months as a waiting family. It also happens to be our Goddaughter’s 1st birthday. Happy Birthday, T! We are looking forward to celebrating her next weekend at her birthday party. Today, we are staying busy around the house which includes a glimpse at our new profile. Profiles are given to expectant parents who have chosen adoption for their child. Imagine choosing a family for your child based on a few pictures and a few pages of words! We are still waiting on Jessica’s background check, but after that, we should quickly be approved. 

Number 9

It’s been 9 years. Or 15. Depends on how you count. What are we talking about?!? Our Continue reading “Number 9”

Season of Celebrations

May seems to be turning into a big month. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations…lot’s in store this month! Continue reading “Season of Celebrations”