Christmas in July

We haven’t had too much to share, but now, we do! After a very long process and wait, we are active and approved with American Adoptions. This means that our profile will start to be shown to expectant mothers that have decided to place through their agency. It’s another tool/resource. We still have our Virginia agency, adoption lawyer, and social media accounts to help us connect with an expectant mother. So, you could still be our connection! We don’t really know how many expectant families have seen our profile or learned about us, but we feel like many more will be seeing it through American. 

When we found out last week that we were approved, it felt a little like Christmas! Below is our adoption video American helped us make. Feel free to share. And thank you to all of you have already shared. We appreciate your continued support in our dreams of becoming parents.


Welcome to Our Adoption Website and Blog!Chris and Jessica at a Family Wedding

We are Chris and Jessica, a married couple looking to adopt an infant domestically. Our home study was approved, and we are certified as prospective adoptive parents.

No two families are made with the same recipe, and we are excited ours will include adoption. We are looking forward to sharing our love with a child and his/her birth family. If you or someone you know are considering adoption for a child, we invite you to explore our profile and our website to learn more about us. Otherwise, we hope that you’ll tag along for our journey and help us share our desire to adopt.

Here’s a short video to introduce ourselves!

If you have any questions or want to chat about adoption, feel free to contact us directly at 361-236-7812 or Our adoption social worker, Alicia, is also available toll-free at 800-690-4206.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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